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Reasons Why Blogging Supports Your Business, and Why You Should Start Today

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Not every Entrepreneur blogs for their business, or sees the benefits of doing so. But I want to provide you with 5 compelling reasons to start today, because having a blog attached to your brand is powerful. Even if you don’t enjoy writing, or find it takes too much of your time, there are ways around it. It can be worth your while to pay a freelancer to ghost write your blogs, for all the reasons listed below.

It’s inbound marketing

Blogging is a popular form of content marketing, which is inbound and therefore all about attracting customers to you.

Not every business owner appreciates the more subtle art of inbound marketing. Compared to direct marketing, like paid advertising, it takes much longer to see results from your inbound marketing. In truth, it really is a long game. But it’s really worth playing that long game alongside the direct marketing you are doing now. Think of it as investing in the future of your business. If you start putting out some quality blog content today, and sharing it through your email marketing and social channels, you are laying your inbound marketing foundation for the future.

It’s proof of expertise

No matter the industry you are in, people want to know that you are the person to go to for that thing you do. Or that your online store is the place to go for the best quality products. This is where demonstrating your expertise comes into play. Blogging gives you the platform to share your knowledge, thoughts, wisdom, and all that you have learned in your industry. Reading your blog posts will reassure people that you know what you are talking about, and are that person to go to in your niche.

It’s brand awareness

Blogging can play a huge role in brand awareness. It also gives you endless material to reuse and share snippets of across your social media platforms.

Make sure everything you share has your branding on it. If you need to update your logo, try Or if you need to create a branded header for your blog, check out Then share that branded content far and wide. And don’t stop at housing your blog content on your website only. You could also create yourself a profile, and import those blog posts there.

Medium has an active audience of 60 million readers – so that ticks another brand awareness box.

It’s a huge SEO leg up

In the long game of inbound marketing, ranking well on Google is a top goal. Your blog content can add a huge amount of context and keywords to your website, making your domain authority (DA) grow over time. Of course, there is more to the SEO of your blog content than just the words. You also need to bring in a few basic tricks, like linking to other relevant and high DA sites. There are some great, low cost tools on the market to help guide you through optimizing your blog posts for SEO. Check out INK Pro, which is among the newest and easiest to use.

It’s social proof

The term ‘social proof’ when used in the context of marketing, means demonstrating that you are a legitimate business and can be trusted. When somebody is thinking about spending money with you, then unless it is a really low cost impulse purchase, they may want to research you a little first. What you want to come up in their Google search results, apart from awesome reviews, is also some of your blog content. This content, which as we said before is demonstrating your expertise, is proof that you have an established online presence. In short, it shows that you didn’t just spring up overnight. This is reassuring to your potential customers, and helps them feel better about spending their money with you.

In summary

Here’s a quick reminder of those 5 reasons blogging supports your business:

  • It’s a strong inbound marketing strategy, and can serve you long into the future

  • It demonstrates your expertise

  • Blogging gives a huge boost to your brand awareness, even more so if you share that blog content in other places

  • It’s a big leg up for your website’s SEO

  • Blogging gives your business the social proof that buyers need to feel secure

I hope that this has encouraged you to start building up some blog content. Getting started today won’t give you an immediately noticeable return for your efforts. But as mentioned, inbound or content marketing is a long game. If you put in a little effort with blogging now, it can certainly repay you long term.

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