• Nicole Windbrechtinger

How Social Media Has Helped People During A Pandemic

Social Media – Some love it, some hate it. As with anything in life, we all need balance. Besides the negativity that comes with it, I would like to focus on the positives of it. Traditional marketing is not as utilised as it once was, and many people have changed and prefer the ROI of digital marketing. Everything can be managed online and reach so many more people than previously – who reads a pamphlet or has money for a billboard, which also only reaches X amount of people? People in Johannesburg no longer have to just shop in Johannesburg, they can buy a hand-crafted handbag, which is unique and beautifully made from Cape Town by ordering via their website. Through proper and consistent advertising, we can even reach people internationally through products and services.

What Makes Social Media Great?

Not only is Social Media fantastic in terms of reaching new clients, but also to create an audience and introduce them to your product and convince them that they need it in their lives! You create your tribe, where your beliefs, views, and feelings can be shared. Don’t be afraid to have a smaller amount of people, but who you resonate with, rather than many people who never engage with your content.

When you advertise you can target the specific areas, age groups as well as gender to fit your profile and keep growing that following. Advertising is the most effective if you have a CTA like ‘message us’ or ‘sign up’ as these are people who want to hear from you and engage. Social media can also be linked to your website in terms of getting visitors to your page and browse your online store.

You also pick the platform that is the best for you. Are you artistic and prefer sharing impactful images? Instagram is for you. Prefer sharing a bit more information and more pics in one post? Facebook is the best bet. Looking for more professional and serious interactions? LinkedIn is right for you. Not every company needs to be on every social platform because it can be overwhelming and hard to post every day and come up with unique content. Rather focus on one or two and give it your all.

Pandemic - Ruin or Gain?

In many countries, people have lost their livelihoods and had to adapt and start their businesses because many countries could not financially give the support they needed. A good example of this is South Africa. Many funds did not help some of the people that needed it. As in true South African spirit, they fought and looked for alternate solutions, which in this case was not to look for jobs but to create their own opportunities.

Many might even say, being your own boss is hard in the beginning, but if you are lucky, is a blessing once your company reaps the rewards and grows. Working for a company, you often don’t get the appreciation you deserve or the encouragement that you require.

Positivity in a Time of Darkness

People were creative and made beautiful products as well as created services, like running errands, to create an income. Our spirit is quite something. It created hope when it seemed that there was none, which seems to be a reoccurring theme in this country.

South Africa often turns to humour, which is what helps us through these difficult times. Even though it might not help, it does make things temporarily easier. We adjust, which is something that makes us South Africans very strong, and what other countries lack.

Ambition and Growth

Many people have taught themselves how to post online, but many underestimate how much time and effort it takes to create a proper online presence and maintain it, especially as your company is growing. If it can grow in a time of a Pandemic, can you imagine the potential of the growth in normal circumstances?

We started this company because we needed to, due to the circumstances and we cater to small and medium-sized businesses and help them focus on their business, while we grow their online presence. Our passion is to increase brand awareness and use our creative license to get people interested. Ultimately, we always want you to be successful because if your company grows, we grow. It is in our best interest to help you succeed!

What has changed the way we look at our business is how happy our clients are and that they keep giving us return business, which always shows us that we are doing something right.

If you are keen to make your side business bigger than it is or want to create the awareness you deserve, contact us and we will gladly help you on your journey. We have a dedicated team that has so much passion, heart, and determination, who won’t disappoint! We are your one-stop shop when it comes to anything digital!

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