• Nicole Windbrechtinger

Happy Hearts Preschool: How our Digital Marketing Strategy Grew a Small Business

Happy Hearts Preschool is a lovely school in Weltevredenpark, run by Laura, a young, passionate woman who loves kids. Her dream has always been to have her own school where she can teach the methods she believes in. Dreams definitely can come true!

At Alan Digital, we always knew we wanted to have good relationships with our clients, by listening and understanding them. With Laura it was simple; she had the foundations of a great business but needed a little bit of help with the marketing - which is where we came in.

Whenever we talk to a client, we start by assessing everything we can, which in this case was the existing website, social media accounts, and the following that had been created. Her goals were to fill up her school by a certain date and to create more awareness online for the school.

Our suggestion was to create a completely new user-friendly, mobile-first website, which is optimized for search engines (SEO), with great pictures and content, and with the added element of online enrolment forms. We also suggested a refresh of the Facebook and Instagram pages, which included consistent posting that in-turn would increase her following and brand awareness.

Laura was happy with our strategy and we went straight to work. The first step was to determine the design and functionality of the website, and to get a professional photographer (shoutout to LR Photography) to her school for the pictures - because good pictures make the difference between an ok website and an amazing website!

The next step was to consistently post professional content on her Facebook and Instagram pages. Our social media strategy included making use of stories and posts, as well as some online advertising. We tested both Facebook and Google Ads to see which one would be more successful, and Google Search Ads turned out to be the most effective for Happy Hearts, from the three campaigns we ran in the second half of 2020.

By combining a new website with consistent social media posting and online advertising campaigns, Laura's online presence was boosted substantially. Her school is now full for 2021 and she has more engagement and followers online than ever before. Her Facebook page previously had 340 followers (June 2020) and now she has over 590 followers, which are all organic - they have not been bought.

The key is to have clear goals and to trust your strategy while you execute it. Take it step-by-step and do not rush the process. Finish the website before you attempt the online advertising. Trust the process and follow the motions.

Alan Digital prides itself in growing your business and we want to help you wherever we can, but the foundations will always need to be in place for your 'house' to withstand the storm, and not have any leaks! SEO is very important. A clean website that is easy to navigate on mobile phones is important. Consistent social media posting with striking images and clear content is important. The smallest things make a big difference. It is about attention to detail.

Happy Hearts trusted us fully and she will always be a client that is close to our hearts! We will always go out of our way to help her because she believed in our vision. Just as much as her business has grown, so has ours. Having a trusting relationship with our clients is what we strive for - even though trust is a term that people throw around easily, we take it seriously.

Thank you Happy Hearts Preschool for trusting us on your digital marketing journey. Thank you for practicing what you preach in terms of kindness, fairness, and manners. We are very proud to be associated with your brand.

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